“The world is full of magic things,
patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”
W.B. Yeats

  Morag Donnelly

Morag is a practicing artist and founding facilitator of Lifeline Arts & life sensing , body / presence centred movement & drawing practices devoted to liberating unique flow through compassion, love, and reverence for life. She is a passionate encourager of creativity for all and has been guiding children and adults across the UK and Europe for over a decade. As a dancer of the 5 rhythms and other movement forms for 20 years, Morag facilitated with the DancingTao collective. Her teaching is additionally supported by her training in therapeutic sexual somatic practices along with a multitude of other touch and energy healing modalities.

Building confidence through a playful way and working with each individuals unique response,  to open up and often restore a sense of wonder and enjoyment, whilst building a richer more expansive and expressive language through the use of somatic sensory play and lots of experimentation.

This approach emphasises the importance of seeing, and a deepening empathy, intimacy with ourself and life. Morag enables and encourages others with her relaxed, tender, open manner  and intuitive nature.freddies pics for web 2010 117
Creating a loving space of safety and freedom. She has been sharing the Lifelines workshops with 6th form schools for the last 7 years. Frequently travelling the UK and Europe giving w/end and longer courses, taking with her a fabulous team of models, unusual and intriguing drawing materials, live musician and a great Music set !

While studying for her fine art degree in Farnham  Morag met Meriel Gold (Hoare), a former pupil of Cecil Collins; ‘The Vision of the Fool’ and had the privilege to assist and collaborate with her giving the life drawing courses ‘drawnhome’, in both the U.K and New York.

Her background of study and exploration in movement and healing arts; Reiki, shamanism, meditation, shiatsu and cranial work have influenced and deepened her own experience and relationship to touch. This growing awareness has more recently moved her towards a profound journey and development in training as a Sexual Somatic Practioner.

This rich teaching and nourishing practice has allowed time to explore insights into the relationship of creativity, sexuality and sensuality. Out of which  small group workshops –  Meeting Nature’s Grace have grown. These gatherings  integrate a deeper more intimate approach. Blending body- energetic awareness work , drawing from life, movement, conversation and touch. Here we explore our edges of body perception, beauty, reality of our nakedness, our connection to creative source,  sexual energy and pleasure.

‘The soul has an absolute and unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment.’ – Thomas Moore
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